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Software that grows and learns with you.

Email is the best source of crucial first-party data. The most important metrics are how your community grows and engages over time, and how that converts to revenue.

Letterhead helps you create, send, and monetize your newsletters, and learns with you to help you increase engagement and ROI with personalized guidance.

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Smart loves smart company

"We began looking for a solution like Letterhead over a year ago and were unable to find anything like it. We considered building the tech but realized it was going to be too cumbersome and expensive. When we found Letterhead, we were thrilled. Now, we recommend each company we incubate use it to start and scale their business."

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Aron Pilhofer

Director, News Catalyst & TinyNews


Newsletter strategy tips & tricks

We've built detailed strategy guides for publishers and marketers on email content, audience growth, and monetization, pulled from dozens of case studies and millions of emails sent on Letterhead.

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How to monetize your newsletter

An in-depth walkthrough of designing, pricing, and selling advertising and promotions in your newsletters.

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