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A newsletter that knows how to grow on its own.

High-quality newsletters drive high-quality engagement. But doing them consistently has been expensive and time-consuming until now.

Letterhead makes it easy to create, send, and monetize great newsletters at scale– automatically. 


Trusted by publishers of 1,800+ newsletters.

Smart is managing 1000 newsletter(s) with the workflow of 1.

Grow your impact without growing your time investment. With Letterhead, you get centralized control over all your newsletters from a single dashboard, making the process as smooth as possible.

Only feed a newsletter that can learn how to feed itself.

Letterhead takes the labor out of gathering and selecting content, automatically turning what you already have into engaging newsletters. Bring in content from your CMS, web links, RSS, social media, podcasts, and more.

Smart is generating revenue from day one because it’s easy to sell ads, subscriptions and products.

Letterhead simplifies the entire revenue process, from setting and managing inventory to automating fulfillment and metrics. Promote your products, sell ads, or use our programmatic partners.

Create the perfect newsletter for

Research says email is the highest ROI channel for engaging the people you care about. Our research says only if you do it right.

Letterhead knows how to create high-performing newsletters tailored to specific industries.


JESSICA FORD Director, Techstars Startup Digest

"Letterhead has been an invaluable resource for us. Not only did it meet our budget needs, but it also enabled us to create personalized, creative newsletters that made our brand stand out. The customer support team was always available to help us with any issue or question, and their flexible platform allowed us to grow and adapt as our subscriber list and needs changed."

SIMONE WILSON Senior Product Manager, Patch.com

"We at the Patch local news network have worked with Letterhead...to create a critical monetization engine. They've been the best kind of partner — striving to understand our needs, quick to respond, and building for the future. Couldn't have done it without them!" Read on G2

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