How publishers make, manage, and monetize their newsletter community.

Publishers already using Letterhead

📢 Most email tools are for marketing.

Because of this, publishers have to duct tape multiple products and build complex systems to simply start the process of building relationships with their readers.
Letterhead comes complete with all the capabilities needed to deliver emails that people want.

✍️ Focus on making great content.

Authoring and content insights unlike anything else.

Newsletter creation that saves time
  • Fast and flexible writing interface saves hours of time and effort — no coding required
  • Customize your templates with fonts, colors, layouts, and branding
  • Automatically insert promotions, ads, and sponsorships

Make a more engaging content product
  • Simply pull in content from your website, CMS, and social feeds
  • Accessible, responsive default templates that are easy to read on any device
Tailor your content for specific audiences
  • Send custom newsletters to user segments

make content-1

🙌 Manage your community.

List management and user data specifically for newsletter communities.

Understand your community
  • Track your list growth over time
  • Measure your performance for every campaign
  • Understand engagement for every subscriber
Target users based on interests and behavior
  • Build your own taxonomies
  • Create and save segments based on your tags
Data Portability
  • Simply export your list and campaign data

Grow your community
  • Import subscribers through Zapier, API integrations or upload
  • Embeddable signup widgets
  • Hosted archives
Integrate with your tools
  • Sync your user data to your CRM or CMS through Zapier

💰 Monetize your product.

Sell ads and make money in a way that makes sense for your community.

Design and manage your inventory
  • Create ads that work for your community
  • Control publication schedules
  • Promote internal offerings, products, and programming
Sell advertising and sponsorships direct
  • Accept credit card payments through Stripe
  • Revision and approval workflows
  • Target and upsell prior customers
Pricing control
  • Set dynamic or fixed pricing for your ads
  • Offer discount codes
  • Create private packages for your most important customers
Simplified analytics for you and your customers
  • Understand your sales performance
  • Automated metrics reporting for your customers
  • Easily link delivery analytics to ads; monetization reports for marketers
  • Ability to allow marketers to target user segments (future)
Grow your advertising revenue
  • Access to third-party demand (alpha)

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