Build engaging newsletters in half the time

Creating a great newsletter shouldn't take hours of design, layout, or copy/pasting. 

Letterhead is built for content and community email. That means each edition takes less time and frustration to makeโ€”and that means a better product for your users.

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Built for content and community

Great newsletters aren't like other types of email. So why would you use the same tools? We built Letterhead to help you make engaging, content-driven products in less time, and ensure they look great in every inbox.

Content-first workflow

Writing-oriented interface makes it fast and easy to produce in Letterhead, or copy/paste from anywhere, saving editorial teams time.

Designed to increase opens & clicks

Our builder helps you create a newsletter that's less likely to end up in spam filters & promotions tabs, and looks great on every screen.

Advanced controls and segments

Conditional content blocks, multi-column support, adjustable sections, and other tools to support your workflow.

Customizable design and CSS

Control your fonts, colors, banner, and spacing; or bring your own CSS to style exactly how you want.


Best practices for email newsletters

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