What's the next generation of marketing?


Every organization is a publisher these days.

It's essential to tell your story your own way and build direct relationships with your people. Email is a phenomenal tool for that. But it can be hard to tell whether you're succeeding. 

We built Letterhead to help publishers of all kinds succeed at publishing great newsletters, engaging their community, and generating revenue.

Email should be better. That means the tools have to be better, too.

We think email marketing needs a reinvention. It should be about quality. About delivering value to your readers. About respecting their time, their attention, their trust.

Somewhere along the way, email software became about "blasts." About short-term metrics. We lost the long view.

A focus on quality content and lasting engagement produces results.

The average email newsletter open rate is 17%.

On Letterhead, it's 33%.

We know newsletters

Our team has a probably-unhealthy obsession with email. We built WhereBy.Us, a network of local newsletter communities that reaches 75,000 locals every day and generates millions of dollars in annual revenue.

A lot of people would ask us: how do you do newsletters? Seems like more effort than it's worth. 

The truth is, without good software: it is.

So we built our own platform to help everyone build stronger communities through email.


Best practices for email newsletters

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