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We walk through Letterhead and understand how we can help.

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We build a white-glove onboarding plan to bring you onto Letterhead and set you up for success.

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We help you and your team through setup, sending, and monetization.

Get more engagement and revenue from every email

Email software built for content, community, and revenue

Great newsletters are about building lasting relationships and engaging over time. It's not about sending blastsβ€”but most email software is.

Letterhead is a complete newsletter solution built to help you create lasting engagement and value.

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Trusted by 150+ leading publishers


A platform that cares about your users as much as you do

The best newsletters are built on trust and valuable content. Privacy, sender reputation, and list quality are essential, but hard to understand and maintain.

Email is the best source of crucial first-party data, and the most important metrics are how your community grows and engages over time, and how that converts to revenue.

Letterhead's designed from the ground up to help.

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Get more engagement and revenue from your email list



Build engaging newsletters designed to increase open rates and look great in every inbox

πŸ“Ž Curations


Collect and aggregate content from around the web, social, and RSS feeds to quickly create valuable newsletters

πŸ“© Multi-newsletter


Full support for running multiple brands, lists, and newsletters, with unique strategies but unified data and management

πŸ“’ Promotions


Sell and manage advertisements, sponsorships, and internal promotions in your newsletter

πŸ’Έ Ad marketplace


Select from ad and cross-promotion offers from hundreds of top brands and publishers, to monetize every email you send

πŸ“ˆ Subscriber management


A powerful tagging system, engagement-based segments, list health analytics, domain reputation recommendations, and more tools to grow engagement 

We know newsletters

Our team has a probably-unhealthy obsession with email. We built WhereBy.Us, a network of local newsletter communities that reaches 75,000 locals every day and generates millions of dollars in annual revenue. We ran into almost every software problem you can imagine. So we built our own platform to help everyone build stronger communities through email.


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