Business tools for your email newsletter.

What does working with Letterhead look like, anyway?

On this page, you can find a series of demo videos walking you through what Letterhead can do, and how it works for you, your team, and your customers.

1. Pick the tools you need.

Letterhead can add newsletter sponsorships, self-service ads, inventory management, metrics, and content creation features that work with your existing tools-- or provide an all-in-one solution.

2. Give every advertiser a great experience.

You’ve already got an awesome newsletter. Why shouldn’t you give your advertisers an awesome experience too?

The next quick video shows how Letterhead lets you provide advertisers with an easy, powerful self-service experience that's easier than buying a Google or Facebook ad.

3. Manage your inventory without breaking a sweat.

Instead of spending countless hours with different spreadsheets, charts, and back-and-forth emails, Letterhead makes it easy for you to manage your entire ad or sponsor inventory in one place.

Here’s a walkthrough of all the key advertising sales, management, delivery, and reporting features Letterhead provides:

4. Why code a newsletter when you could just write it instead?

Most email tools are built for marketing, not for content newsletters. Making them work for content and editorial products is frustrating at best. Letterhead's Authoring tool makes it easy to create great-looking content, with a writing-driven interface any creator will find familiar, and powerful features underneath to support growth and monetization.

All of it works with and sends through your existing email service provider: no switching required.