Make your newsletter work harder for you.

From collecting payments to managing ad inventory (and everything in between) Letterhead lets you pick and choose the features you need to supplement your stack.

After all, you’ve already got a newsletter. Why not make the most of it?

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Smart. Simple. Powerful. That’s Letterhead.

Choose the features you need to build a monetization solution that’ll fit right into your existing technology stack.


Native content support

Integrate longer content blocks to easily manage all your key monetization metrics.


Self-service checkout and scheduling

Make life easy for your ad buyers by giving them a self-service checkout, placement, and scheduling process.


Empower your whole team

Help your entire team work smarter by customizing Letterhead to do exactly what you need it to.


Intelligent metrics and reporting

Letterhead tracks everything from reads to clicks and automatically delivers the results to your ad buyers.


Proactive alerts

Email alerts keep you up to date with ad purchases, bookings, and schedules, while your Letterhead dashboard shows you which upcoming ads you need to run.


Email monetization management

Letterhead tracks everything from reads to clicks and delivers the results to your ad buyer with intelligent reporting.


Two-click HTML copy/paste

Build beautiful newsletters faster with an intuitive copy/paste workflow that supports every primary email creation tool.


Painless API integration

Design your ideal workflow with Letterhead’s flexible API, which our team will help you set up.


Built-in Mailchimp support

Keep your stats nice and tidy with Letterhead’s automatic Mailchimp metric syncing.

If there’s a feature you’d like to see us add, let’s talk. We’re continually adding new features and we love user feedback.

Make your newsletter work harder for you with newsletter ads.