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We're taking our knowledge as newsletter publishers and helping other newsletter publishers of all sizes streamline their businesses and open up new revenue opportunities. 


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"Letterhead is slicing through the vast market of existing email SaaS products, betting that a cross-section of revenue and collaboration needs are not being met properly for newsletter creators of all types. Instead, it puts all ad sales, paid subscriptions and newsletter content management into a single, streamlined product."


"Sharpen your toolkit with 50 new tools and resources for journalists...Letterhead has a new newsletter creation tool for publishers, with a nifty revenue calculator so you can see how much you could make with your own newsletter."


"To create turn email newsletters into a profit center, publishers should consider how their business needs will change over time and what kinds of technology they'll need to meet those goals."
IndieHackers Podcast

"When the founders of WhereBy.Us set out to connect people in their city, they weren't sure where to start. Holding events? Press conferences? Opening a bar? Local news? In this episode, Chris Sopher and Bruce Pinchbeck share the story behind how they created local media brands in cities across the country, and then used their learnings to spin out a SaaS product for newsletters."



"The WhereBy.Us team spent years developing the tools to send the perfect newsletter, and now the team has made those tools - and the built-in advertising capabilities - available to other companies through their new newsletter platform: Letterhead."



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