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Great newsletters, faster.

High quality newsletters drive high quality engagement. But doing them well, consistently, has been an expensive proposition -- until now.  

Our Creative Builder helps your team produce engaging editorial newsletters quickly, like they're writing in a Google Doc. 

Curations helps you aggregate content (from your own channels or others) in seconds. 

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Subscriber management

Understand and grow your community

Because most email tools are built for traditional marketing, rather than content or community, it can be hard to manage all your audiences, products, and user engagement data.

Subscriber Management helps you easily organize, tag, and segment your audience; track engagement; welcome new users; and more. And it connects to your existing website, CRM, and other tools.

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Generate revenue from day one

Newsletters can drive the best advertising rates in digital media. Our Promotions tool makes it easy to design, sell, manage, deliver, and track sponsorships and ads in your newsletters.

Our Ad Marketplace offers automated advertising fill options, and cost-per-open and cost-per-click ads from quality brands you can choose from, to generate revenue from day one.

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All your email products, in one easy place

When you have multiple newsletter products in your operation, things quickly get tough to manage.

Letterhead's Multi-newsletter features bring all your products into one place, allowing you to get aggregated metrics, share content and audience between channels, and more.

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Newsletter strategy tips & tricks

We've built detailed strategy guides for publishers and marketers on email content, audience growth, and monetization, pulled from dozens of case studies and millions of emails sent on Letterhead.

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How to monetize your newsletter

An in-depth walkthrough of designing, pricing, and selling advertising and promotions in your newsletters.

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