Sell and manage ads in your newsletter

Great newsletters can command great rates for sponsorships, ad placements, and partnerships—but they're hard to sell, manage, deliver, and track.

We built Letterhead to make it easy to monetize your newsletter, manage your inventory, and deliver your advertisers an amazing experience.

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Simple workflow, powerful features

Whether you're already running a newsletter advertising/sponsor operation, or just getting started, Letterhead has the industry-leading tools to help.

Design your inventory

Create any promotion, ad, or sponsor slot you can imagine, from text to banners to GIFs to custom content stories. Control every detail.

Sell self-service

Letterhead's built-in store lets you sell ads just like the big platforms do: self-service, easy-to-use, easy checkout, and full reporting.

Manage your calendar

See your upcoming promotions, measure sell-through, and manage your direct-sold promotions.

Automated placement

Using Authoring, Letterhead makes it easy to place promotions in your content, so you never miss a date.

Easy metrics

Letterhead tracks views and clicks for every promotion, and can even show the reports to your advertisers through their own portal.

Two-way approvals & messaging

Every promotion gets reviewed & approved by you. Request changes and message from within Letterhead.

Subscription support

Build recurring revenue with subscription packages for ongoing sponsorships.

Expert guidance

Get ongoing access to our team of newsletter monetization experts, who help with everything from pricing to design to sales.


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