Add self-service ads to your newsletter.

Give your readers and businesses in your sector the ability to support your work and get their message out at the same time, with an easy, powerful advertising experience.
Letterhead works with your existing tools and revenue strategies, from programmatic ads to native content to 'just getting started.' 

30 days risk-free | team training | full-service onboarding

Offer quality self-service advertising that's easier than buying a Facebook ad, and leaves you in control

Design your media kit

Letterhead generates a storefront media page for you, showcasing you audience and available ads.

Self-service checkout and creative

Advertisers can check out, design their own ad, and submit it for approval, all within Letterhead.

You control approvals and content

You can review, approve, comment, edit, and message about every ad submitted.

Intelligent metrics and reporting

Letterhead tracks reads and clicks, and automatically delivers the results to your advertisers.

Proactive alerts

Email alerts keep you up to date with ad purchases, bookings, and schedules, while your Letterhead dashboard shows you which upcoming ads you need to run.

Easy ad placement

Get ads into your newsletter automatically through our API or Letterhead's built-in newsletter authoring tool. Optional manual placement with our simple HTML workflow.

How it works for advertisers

How it works for your team