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Join Our Growing Network of Letterhead Partners

Expand Your Offerings, Elevate Your Business - Become a Letterhead Partner

The Opportunity

Discover the potential of partnering with Letterhead, a leading innovator in the world of newsletter and email marketing. Whether you're a consultant, a marketing agency, or an industry expert, our partner program is designed to support your business growth, broaden your product portfolio, and enhance your client relationships.

Why Partner with Letterhead?

  • Access to innovative software to provide better services to your clients

  • Competitive revenue share on all referred business (10% to 30%)

  • Marketing and sales support from the Letterhead team

  • Access to exclusive partner training and resources

Software trusted by publishers

Types of Partnerships

Letterhead offer 2 types of Partnerships:

Reseller Partners:

Ideal for businesses that want to provide their clients with access to Letterhead's software suite under their own brand.

Letterhead will provide collateral and train you on how to sell our offering.

Referral Partners:

Perfect for individuals or businesses that wish to refer clients or acquaintances to Letterhead in exchange for a referral fee.

Send us the contact information of people that get value of Letterhead and we will compensate you on closed opportunities.


How it Works

  • Book a first meeting with us to understand if this program is the right one for you

  • Get some training on our software

  • Drive revenue for your organization