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The Smart Builder

Swift, Streamlined Newsletter Creation

Unlock the potential of Letterhead's Smart Builder to craft engaging editorial newsletters with an intuitive, Google Doc-like interface. With our Chrome extension, gather content from your favorite channels or others in no time.

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Content Curation

Craft Your Newsletter Everywhere

Effortlessly curate stories, news, and events from any source on the web with just a click of a button.

Save webpages to your curations feed and enjoy advanced editing, formatting, and other personalization features. We'll make your curated items ready for easy drag-and-drop insertion in Letterhead.

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Seamless Promotions Management

Our user-friendly copy/paste workflow simplifies the marketing of promotions, sponsorships, and ads.

Effortlessly position your promotional elements on any platform by selecting a date and copying/pasting your content into any ESP or CMS. Our system tracks when your teammates place ads, ensuring your promotions are primed for success.

The Google Chrome Extension is Free with every Letterhead account. 

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Newsletter strategy tips & tricks

We've built detailed strategy guides for publishers and marketers on email content, audience growth, and monetization, pulled from dozens of case studies and millions of emails sent on Letterhead.

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How to monetize your newsletter

An in-depth walkthrough of designing, pricing, and selling advertising and promotions in your newsletters.

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